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Silk'n Products

Silk'n Glide 300,000 Xpress - Hair Removal System

SKU102473   Barcode: 8712856045730   RRP: €199

Silk'n Glide 300,000 Xpress

Silk’n Glide Xpress 300,000 is the fastest HPL™ hair removal device currently on the market. It's ideal for those who find hair removal tedious and want to get it over with quickly. It removes hair painlessly, permanently and effortlessly from your entire body in less than 20 minutes: nearly twice as fast as all other Glide devices. The result is a 92% reduction in unwanted hair after completing the sessions as instructed. The intelligent Silk'n App also schedules the hair removal sessions in your digital planner and automatically reminds you when it's time for your next session, leaving you more time in your life for truly enjoyable activities!


SKU: 1024774  Barcode: 8712856052783   RRP: €59.99

Silk'n Revit Essential (2.0)

Renew your skin with the magic of Silk'n Revit Essential! This powerful microdermabrasion system will make your skin radiant and vital in a matter of minutes. Not only does it stimulate the production of new skin cells and improve skin texture and elasticity, it also reduces the appearance of age spots and fine lines. Discover what a peeling with Silk’n ReVit Essential can do for your skin!

Silk'n Facetite

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to turn the clock back? To have fewer wrinkles and firm skin again? You can regain your youth with the phenomenal Silk’n FaceTite: the scientific breakthrough in skin rejuvenation. The secret lays in the revolutionary HT™ technology which tightens the facial skin, reduces wrinkles and reinstates collagen and elastin fibres. Your skin is lifted, looks remarkably younger and glows like never before! Try the new, ultimate skin anti-ageing treatment in your own home!

SKU: 1024775  Barcode: 8712856045938   RRP: €169

Silk'n Pure

Had enough of pimples, blackheads, large pores or makeup residue that you can’t quite fully remove? Then try a professional facial cleansing with Silk'n Pure. This facial cleansing brush instantly cleanses your skin and eliminates impurities. The vibrating and pulsating brush does all the work. With its 2 settings it has a high versatility - this allows you to clean your skin at your desired setting as well as massage your skin to improve blood circulation. After you have used it, your face feels softer and looks radiant. Pure even removes up to 6 times more makeup than manual cleansing, so considerably reduces the risk of irritation. Experience the difference yourself now!

SKU1024777  Barcode: 8712856049899  RRP: €45

Silk'n Pure

A firm skin and less cellulite without surgery? You can now achieve this at home, with Silk’n Silhouette! Introducing the greatest innovation in the field of cellulite treatment and streamlined body contours through HT™ technology. Silk’n Silhouette is based on the revolutionary HT™ technology that combines three energy sources: Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy. This inseparable threesome tackles problem areas down to the fat layer under the epidermis!

SKU1024778  Barcode: 8712856041374  RRP: €199